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Medicare and Medicaid are two entirely separate programs. We qualify for Medicare at the age of 65 to cover our hospital and doctor bills. Qualifying for Medicaid is based on income and assets.


Turning 65 is a big deal when it comes to health insurance, and people have lots of questions and concerns. Our qualified advisors will review your current policies and educate you on what Medicare will cover and what you can do to "Mind The Gaps".

Medicare Supplements can cover the portion expenses that Medicare Part A and Part B don't cover. You can enroll any time. Our advisors will see what supplement is right for you. This is an important part of your coordinated program with Estate Protectors.

Another option is advantage plans which are affordable for healthy seniors. For low or no additional premiums, you get added benefits like prescription drug coverage and gym memberships. Our advisors will review and suggest the best plan for you. 


Estate Protectors understands the rules and regulations with this governmental program. Most people we have assisted in Medicaid approval have been financially prepared to cover their care costs. Estate Protectors specializes in wealth transfers and does so according to the code for Medicaid and expedites the time in which benefits will be paid.

The rules for qualification differ greatly between single people and married couples. 

Qualification is just the half of it. Once you have become a Medicaid recipient, your benefits start out as a loan. The loan becomes a lien when you die. If there are assets still in your name, the lien will come from those assets. This is known as Medicaid Recovery. Our program protects all of your assets from Medicaid qualification and recovery. If the estate has no assets in your name after death, there is nothing to recover and the lien becomes a grant.

For more information and/or a review of your current care plan, please contact us.

Why Use Estate Protectors?

Estate Protectors services compliment and go far beyond what an attorney’s office will provide you.

It is through our experience and relationships with other advisory professionals that puts us in the position to ask for, “the opportunity to manage all of your estate, financial, insurance and aging needs”.

The intention of Estate Protectors is to create a close relationship with our clients so they feel confident with us managing all facets of their estate and financial needs. We operate as the Estate Quarterback, communicating with the family, while coordinating the efforts of other professionals.

Please contact our office for an Estate Plan Review and let us determine whether your affairs are in order and your legacy is protected.

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