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Our mission at Estate Protectors is to provide guidance, direction and advice to you and your family through all life's stages. As you navigate through the complex maze of planning and decision-making, we guide you down a planning path and incorporate a coordinated program that is essential for your peace of mind and to ultimately leave the legacy that you intend. We allow our clients the opportunity to "mind the gap" with our professional relationships and individualized programs.

My role with Estate Protectors is to make your experience with our family of advisors as seamless as possible so you can focus on the possibilities ahead of you. I’ll likely be the person sitting down with you to gather your story together so your advisors can work it up into an individualized estate plan that is uniquely yours. I can’t wait to meet you! 

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Jessica Williams

Marketing Assistant

Meet The Team


Troy Barnes

President, Senior Advisor

Troy spent the first 52 years of his life in the San Francisco Bay Area before moving to St George, Utah in 2017.  He is married to Charissa Barnes; they have 6 children and 2 grandchildren.

Two of his children (Kaylin and Kellen) and his wife are working for Estate Protectors. It is truly a family and faith-based business as we serve the needs of families from one generation to the next.

Troy’s educational focus at Cal State Hayward was economics and accounting.  After 20-plus years in the food and beverage industry, he started his second career in the estate and retirement planning field.

While working for an estate planning law firm, he quickly concluded that the traditional estate planning method of American families was under serving their needs.  Attorneys charge a few thousand dollars for the planning documents and then after years of literally no support from their attorney, the family has nothing but problems.  This is an expensive mistake that can be completely avoided.

He created Estate Protectors, LLC to show families there is a BETTER way to complete and maintain their planning and leave a well-organized, protected, comprehensive legacy.

Troy is an insurance agent licensed in most of the Western United States and has created a “Coordinated Program for Life” for his clients to ensure that their affairs, while alive, are complete.  Because the program is fully coordinated, there is far less worry and stress for their surviving spouse and ultimately, their children, after death.

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Charissa Barnes

Partner, Client Services Manager

Charissa was born in Pennsylvania and moved to California with her family during her teen years.


She and Troy blended their families and skills when they married in 2016.  In early 2017 she and her husband brought their family and Estate Protectors to Utah’s Dixie in early 2017.


Charissa added her tax law office skills and her background with the California Chamber of Commerce to the family business.  She also has experience in care giving and really supports families by providing guidance through the aging and care process as well as guidance in caring for the caregiver.


She enjoys her role in Estate Protectors and encourages us to find ways to expand client services and enhance our clients’ planning experience.  Charissa loves to help us build lasting relationships with our clients as we continue to manage and maintain their planning. 

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Rose Dinges

Executive Assistant

Rose Dinges is the Executive Assistant to Troy Barnes.  She and her family are brand-new to Utah.  They moved here from Oregon in August of 2019.

Rose’s wide variety of life experiences bring a fresh perspective to the position.  She’s worked in law enforcement, health insurance customer relations, as a civil court clerk, a professional dairy goat milker and part-time demolition derby driver.

She has a talent for crafting that she enjoys putting to use here by creating greeting cards to send to our clients on special occasions.  Her other hobbies include urban archaeology and exploring Utah.

Her role with Estate Protectors is to make your experience with our family of advisors as seamless as possible so you can focus on the possibilities ahead of you.  She’ll likely be the person sitting down with you to gather the pieces of your puzzle together so your advisors can work it up into an individualized estate plan that is uniquely yours. 

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Kaylin Ray

Executive Administrator

Kaylin Ray is our Executive Office Administrator, and brings a background in hospitality, event coordination and accounting.  She’s very excited to be able to share her skills with Estate Protectors’ employees and clients. 


She works remotely from her office in the Pacific Northwest, but makes the trip out to connect with the rest of the staff personally as well as online. 


Kaylin’s married and has two fun, active little boys, a couple of happy dogs, and a snake. When she’s not hard at work for job and family she really enjoys spending time in the outdoors, kayaking, hiking, camping and adventuring with the kids, so she really values the flexibility that she has working with us. 


She’s enjoying working with her dad, our founder Troy Barnes, and having the opportunity to learn more about all the services offered by Estate Protectors.

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