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After retirement we move out of the accumulation phase of our lives. Now we have to shift our focus to how we distribute our funds.

When taking money from your investments in retirement, everything changes. The MATH totally changes!

Our strategy involves creating two different paths. A PayCheck for all of your fixed expenses, and a PlayCheck for any of your discretionary spending. If applicable we then set up deferred streams of income to help with hedging inflation that occurs in your retirement. 

After your income program is established, we take a look at the rest of your financial resources and establish a plan for your cost of care and comprehensive legacy plan for your family.

Using the following programs we will accomplish the method of extremely predictable income management.

  • Budget Analysis

  • Needs Assessment

  • Guaranteed Fixed Insurance Strategies (self-funded taxable and tax-free pensions)

  • Deferred Fixed Income (Hedging Inflation)

  • Safe Growth Alternatives

Contact us to schedule a retirement planning consultation, give us a call at 435-215-7925, or fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page! 

What sets the Estate Protectors apart from other estate planning companies?

We go beyond the basics like other companies, we do more than just estate planning. 

Instead of having a handful of different attorneys and professionals, we connect you with everyone that you need, becoming your contact point and middle man.

Client relationships are important to us at the Estate Protectors. We want you to feel confident in us managing all parts of your estate and finances.

By choosing us, you are setting your family up for success and making sure that you leave the legacy you want to leave for your children and future generations.

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