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A Note About COVID-19

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

We hope that you, your families and businesses are coping well and successfully weathering the impacts of COVID-19 with strength, courage, good humor and endurance.  Estate Protectors is stable and we’re ready to withstand COVID-19 with you regardless of how long it affects our daily lives.

Despite the many changes we are all facing in our day-to-day lives, our mission remains the same: to provide guidance, direction and advice to you and your family through all life’s stages.  As you navigate through the complex maze of planning and decision-making, we guide you down a planning path and incorporate a coordinated program that is essential for your peace of mind and to ultimately leave the legacy that you intend.  We allow our clients the opportunity to “mind the gap” with our professional relationships and individualized programs.

The challenges we are facing as a community have given Estate Protectors the impetus to take some forward-facing steps in order to continue providing comprehensive estate management programs to help you protect your assets and family long before - and after - you’re gone.

Your Estate Protectors team remains focused on being here for you – you can continue to rely on us.  Because planning is what we do best, we will continue to provide you with the service and support you expect from us, thanks to a few changes.  

What has changed?  That’s the exciting part!  We’ve been working since early December to find the best way to connect with our clients remotely.  Our planning had nothing to do with the virus back then, we just wanted to make our sure that our planning program would be more accessible for those who cannot come to the office.  Some of you live in Utah communities that are an hour or more away from our home office here in St. George, and many of you live in other states that we serve. 

We are proud to introduce the virtual appointment – where you can speak face-to-face with an advisor in the comfort of your own home with the easy-to-use Microsoft Teams app.  Give us a call if you would prefer a remote appointment like this.

Our website, , has also gotten a makeover.  You’ll find features designed to make your life easier, such as an option to schedule your own appointment (virtual or otherwise) or even chat with one of our advisors online.  We value your input; will you visit our website and share it with your friends, family and associates?  Leave a comment or chat with an advisor and let us know what you think, and if there are additional features you would like to see.

 Better planning is often fueled by tough times. In past years, during similar drastic market downturns, Estate Protectors has helped our family of clients thrive. The circumstances may be different than past recessions, but the results are creating a similar financial climate.  As a result, our schedule is filling up.  We recommend that you schedule your next appointment soon.  You can schedule on the website or call our office.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to adapt to rapid changes across our country and in our neighborhoods. We send our sincere thanks to our extended Estate Protector family.

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