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Traditionally people think of estate planning as an attorney generating a legal document for them. More than 65% of families' estate plans are not complete and have problems waiting to happen.

Our job is to assist you in creating a secure estate plan, and we accomplish this by providing support in all areas of your estate.

  • Education with your planning affairs

  • Support with the attorney intake packet and options

  • Participate in all attorney/client meetings

  • Funding assets into the trust

  • Verifying the status of all our beneficiary accounts

  • Hold a family/trustees’ meeting

  • Maintaining your program

This support from the Estate Protectors results in a fully coordinated program for you to leave your loved ones. 

We would be happy to go over any estate planning documents that you might already have at no cost. Most of the families that we meet do not have a complete and coordinated estate plan, do you? Let's find out!

What sets the Estate Protectors apart from other estate planning companies?

We go beyond the basics like other companies, we do more than just estate planning.

Instead of having a handful of different attorneys and professionals, we connect you with everyone that you need and become your contact point and middle man. 

Client relationships are important to us, we want you to feel confident in us managing all parts of your estate and finances. 

By choosing us, you are setting your family up for success and making sure that you leave the legacy you want to leave for your children and future generations.  

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