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Our many years of experience have shown us time and time again that your surviving spouse, trustees, and loved ones will need guidance and support.

With the traditional approach to estate planning your family will spend unnecessary time and money after your death, we believe that this is unnecessary and unfair. 

At the Estate Protectors our goal is to take away some of the weight from your family members. We guide them through the entire estate settlement process all while supporting them at a fraction of the cost of an attorney.

The Estate settlement and distribution phase is often a tumultuous and drawn out process. With our relationship, support and coaching, estate settlement is a coordinated and successful effort. After all, isn't the most important reason to complete your estate plan to create family unity throughout time?

What sets the Estate Protectors apart from other estate planning companies?

We go beyond the basics like other companies, we do more than just estate planning.

Instead of having a handful of different attorneys and professionals, we connect you with everyone that you need and become your contact point and middle man.

Client relationships are important to us, we want you to feel confident in us managing all parts of your estate and finances. 

By choosing us, you are setting your family up for success and making sure that you leave the legacy you want to leave for your children and future generations.  

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