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Our years of experience have proven that your surviving spouse, trustees, and agents will need guidance and support.

The average family that have their estate planning affairs in order still goes through unnecessary time and legal fees after death has occurred. Our experience is that this is the outcome to the TRADITIONAL approach to estate planning (get a lawyer and wait until the family needs their support).

We don’t believe this is fair or necessary. As a matter of fact, it is OBSOLETE in our experience.

We take your survivors and trustees through the entire estate settlement process. We then  support them at a fraction of the cost that an attorney will charge. Most of these processes DO NOT need an attorney to perform.

The Estate settlement and distribution phase is often a tumultuous and drawn out process. With our relationship, support and coaching, estate settlement is a coordinated and successful effort. After all, isn't the most important reason to complete your estate plan to create family unity throughout time?

Why Use Estate Protectors?

Estate Protectors services compliment and go far beyond what an attorney’s office will provide you.

It is through our experience and relationships with other advisory professionals that puts us in the position to ask for, “the opportunity to manage all of your estate, financial, insurance and aging needs”.

The intention of Estate Protectors is to create a close relationship with our clients so they feel confident with us managing all facets of their estate and financial needs. We operate as the Estate Quarterback, communicating with the family, while coordinating the efforts of other professionals.

Please contact our office for an Estate Plan Review and let us determine whether your affairs are in order and your legacy is protected.

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