Are you prepared for the day that you need to move out of your home of many years for care needs or financial reasons?

There are so many components involved in this major decision:

  • Care Evaluations

  • Property decisions (do we sell or do we keep?)

  • Financial needs analysis

  • Real Estate transaction

  • Placement coordination

  • Moving and organizing

  • Changes to estate planning documents

  • Recreating your financial plan

  • Follow-up

We have supported dozens of families in the process of determining what is in their best interest with any necessary or desired changes to their living environment, for financial downsizing, or when care is needed. This is the most stressful transition in our aging process. Let us guide you by coordinating the efforts of our professional advisors.

We would be honored to come by for a consult to discuss your relocation plans and dreams.

Why Use Estate Protectors?

Estate Protectors services compliment and go far beyond what an attorney’s office will provide you.

It is through our experience and relationships with other advisory professionals that puts us in the position to ask for, “the opportunity to manage all of your estate, financial, insurance and aging needs”.

The intention of Estate Protectors is to create a close relationship with our clients so they feel confident with us managing all facets of their estate and financial needs. We operate as the Estate Quarterback, communicating with the family, while coordinating the efforts of other professionals.

Please contact our office for an Estate Plan Review and let us determine whether your affairs are in order and your legacy is protected.

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